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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And we're back!

It's been a while. Things have been crazy around the Gee household since my last post. We've had musicals galore (pretty much the entire month of April and first week of May), I've been writing and finalizing next years marching show music (yay zombies!), I've been holding auditions for color guard, drum line, and drum major for next years marching season, Kat and I have both been preparing for our end of the year concerts and performances, we've been in a wedding and have been guest at another (pictures to come), and Addison is growing faster than I can keep track of (as you can see from the picture above). All in all it's been hectic, but we're almost done. Only 7 days left until exams start, and then it's technically over (although we still have graduation). Let's do some catching up.

Amendment One

Obviously, if you know me at all, I was quite upset at the outcome of the vote on May 8th. I could literally do a post a day for an entire year about this and still be pissed and ashamed to live in this State. I've seen lots of articles in the aftermath of the vote that explains/justifies both sides of the coin but all I have to say is this. My child(ren) will at least be taught fairness, equality to ALL, love, and the ability to put their thoughts into words that won't be taking as offensive to those that are willing to listen with an open mind. Then they can make their own decisions after that. 

Honestly, I have no beef with those that voted for the amendment, as long as they would at least listen to my point of view and let me listen to theirs and then we go about our business. People will always disagree and that is fine. But all this crap about what the Bible says and that's final, no other words to be said, no other arguments are valid!!! It infuriates me that we cannot separate religion from the decisions the State are supposed to make. I know what the Bible says, but can't we look past what a book says and see what is happing around us in this moment. What we've done in NC is secure segregation of human beings. I thought we've been through this already. I believe we've gone 60 years back into the past with this vote and I believe that it will only hurt the already wounded view people have of NC. Way to go!


On a more positive note, our best friend from high school got hitched a few weeks ago. We were both in the wedding...and were both standing on the same side. I was a bridesman (along with two other dudes). When you're older, I'll tell you some stories from that weekend!

Logan (another bridesman)

Kat on her phone during pictures

and that's a tree

The "aisle"



Feet X2

The Bride

Logan helping Karo to the reception

Outside the reception hall

Our next wedding was in Wilmington. One of Kat's extended cousins was getting married.

We arrived late that night

I had to buy a blazer to go with my khakis 

Addison's first experience with Sloppy Joe's

I think she liked them

Getting reddy for the wedding

Some cool hanging art at we walked into the wedding area

Fun time with the cousins

The original sisters

Addison didn't quite make it through the reception. So playing in the dirt was the next logical choice.

Caught you!

At the table

Ate something she didn't like

So she spit it out in the napkin


Saying goodbye

On the ride home


SPOILER ALERT: There might be some pictures posted below that give away some key points to the story. If you haven't watched or are in the middle of watching, you might want to skip this next part!

I watched the entire season of lost in a month. I pretty much started the last time I posted and I finished last week. To be entirely honest, this may have had something to do with why I haven't posted in a while. 

If you haven't seen Lost, I demand that you start as soon as you are done reading my post. Go get a subscription to Hulu+ and watch the entire thing. It's totally doable to watch in a month, so you can cancel your subscription afterwards! Here are some screenshots from my favorite moments:

That's actually really funny!

Let that one blow your mind if you haven't seen it

Not going to lie, I cried like a baby.

Things are starting to quite down a little and we will have a summer this year (I can almost taste it!) Hopefully there won't be as long a pause in between post this time.

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's been too long

Where has the time gone. I've been so busy for so long. I finally made it through winter season and now, Spring Break is here (that's right, it's capitalized because it's that special!)! Now, I'm sitting on my butt, cleaning, and catching up on my running until next week. I've got two races this month and then May, and then end of school!!! !!!!!!!

Here are some pictures to tide you over until I have something to talk about.